Dulce Auriemo | Biography


Born in Sao Paulo, Dulce Auriemo graduated in Communication Studies from FAAP, and her career has always been related to cultural activities.

As a writer, she participated in important literary movements, among them U.B.T. – Brazilian Union of Minstrels. She is a musician and concentrated her studies on the piano, the classical guitar and the flute. She took professional development courses in vocal techniques both in Brazil and in the United States. Her literary work was always marked by a literary musical thread which evolved from her passion for music. She started her career as a composer, poet and singer of her own songs, recording her first record in 1986 with 12 songs – signing both music and lyrics – Like a Dream, re-launched in 2002.

Dulce produced a number of musical projects in partnership with her great supporter, master of piano and modern harmony, arranger and singer of her songs, pianist Amilton Godoy. A highlight of her career is the award-winning bilingual edition, including music scores and CDs: Piano Solo – Brazilian Composers, Volume I (by Dulce Auriemo) and Piano Solo – Brazilian Composers, Volume II (by Amilton Godoy).

Dulce has composed more than 50 songs (signing both music and lyrics) recorded and edited in books which contain musical poems, literary texts and music scores arranged for piano solo, choirs and orchestras. As a songwriter, she has partnered with important MPB (Brazilian Pop Music) names, such as Paulinho Nogueira (in eight songs) and Amilton Godoy, in Speaking Notes.

She was the Director for Cultural Activities Promotion at Esporte Clube Pinheiros for 11 years, from 1990 to 2001. During that period, she created and coordinated a number o projects which remain to date a part of the club’s cultural calendar, among them: “Cultural Nights Project”, “Classics in Concert”, “Literary Art”, “Art in a Beat” and “Nature Art”. She was the first cultural director of ACESC (Association of Sports and Social Cultural Clubs of Sao Paulo) and developed the Interclub Cultural Marathon in partnership with the State Secretariat of Culture.

She is a member of the Pinheiros Club Writers Group, of the Brazilian Women Writers Network (“Rede de Escritoras Brasileiras” – REBRA) and of the Brazilian Writers Union (União Brasileira de Escritores – UBE). She serves on a voluntary basis as Musical Arts director of AMEM (Association of Friends of Minors for Greater Sports). She is the author of the Espantaxim Project.

Espantaxim Project

Dulce Auriemo is married and has four children and eight grandchildren. Her first grandchildren inspired her to debut in children’s musical literature, publishing the book/CD Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle – 14 Songs by Dulce Auriemo. A committed supporter of the arts and constantly nurturing both music and poetry, she now presents her new work with a brand new story for the children’s universe: the creation of 18 characters and songs which promote and value Brazilian rhythms.

Dulce Auriemo is the author of several literature books and CDs related to the characters of The Magic Little Castle.

She founded and runs D.A Produções Artísticas and the Record Label D.A. Music. With the support of the D.A team, it was possible to develop this cultural project which has been adopted by a number of schools and charities.

With a pedagogical purpose more directed to preschool education, the project stimulates children to learn music and literature, and to care for environmental conservation and the culture of peace.

She launched the Espantaxim Project in September of 2002 and has reached out to thousands of people of all ages through presentations in theaters, schools, bookstores, book biennials, book fairs, clubs, social actions and charity performances.

She was awarded second place of the JABUTI AWARD / 2009 – with her book My First Piano Solo Album, in the educational material category.

This book/CD is a bilingual edition with 14 songs of her literary and musical work Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle, in partnership with Amilton Godoy, who authored the arrangements for piano solo.