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Music, poetry, stories, characters and illustrations make up the children's literary musical work "Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle". This is a cultural project especially dedicated to children who are discovering the universe around them.


Music is one of the most valuable forms of expression in a child's development. A child's learning process can happen in several ways, but studies have shown that, if stimulated musically in the first years of life, children are able to have a significant intellectual growth.

In the enchanted world of the Magic Little Castle, full of dreams and fantasy, 18 loveable characters were born. They became friends and are now part of "Espantaxim's Little Group". Because they are 'messengers of good', they are spokespersons for a culture of peace, and value ethics, good habits, ecology and the conservation of the environment. The characters were created based on song themes and, therefore, they were born musical. They each chose to learn to play a musical instrument.

In the first book/CD, Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle – 14 songs by Dulce Auriemo, lies the essence of the project, with pedagogical information, poetic lyrics in illustrated settings, and the sheet music. All lyrics and music were authored by Dulce Auriemo, and all arrangements were especially done by the renowned pianist of Zimbo Trio, Mr. Amilton Godoy.

With the development of the Espantaxim Project, new books and new songs came along, which transport us to the universe of children's dreams. The Little Castle may symbolize grandma and grandpa's house and represent one's heart. It is a magical and very special place, full of love and caring.

Launched in September of 2002, the Espantaxim Project has reached out to thousands of people of all ages through presentations in theaters, schools, bookstores, book biennials, book fairs, clubs, charities, CEUs (Unified Educational Centers), solidarity actions and charity performances.